Hyper-local honeys from St. Augustine, Florida



The Honey Truck Company is the dream of Danielle Brooks, who began her burgeoning business with the idea of bottling honey from bees who lived in St. Augustine itself. Her dream included a vintage truck, filled to the brim with artisan products, which she is now the proud owner of (after learning how to drive a stick shift!). 

There are many reasons to enjoy local honey, from health benefits (antioxidants, seasonal allergy relief) to tasting the local flora. But for Danielle, what began as a quest for local honey became an obsession with apiculture and the desire to share her love of bees with friends across her hometown. 

After her initial experiments in her own backyard, Danielle began asking friends to foster hives in their own yards so that she could harvest honey from different micro-regions in her hometown of St. Augustine, Florida.


You deserve to know where your honey comes from

Currently the Honey Truck is harvesting honey from hives we tend in and around St. Augustine. Here is our current list!


State Road 16 LIGHT

Only hives along St. Augustine State Road 16, located on the northwest side of the city, supply this product. This honey is full with hints of wildflowers and citrus.



in stock

This honey is infused with Datil peppers, which grow natively in St. Augustine. In fact, St. Augustine is the only place that will grow these unique, delicately flavored peppers!


Anastasia Island

Only hives in St. Augustine Beach, located on Anastasia Island, supply this product. This area has more tropical plants like palms and hibiscus. 



Lavender Honey
in stock

This honey is infused with dried certified organic lavender flowers from the Provence region of France. This honey has a sweet floral flavor and is sure to be a new favorite. 


2018 sold out

Shores Honey comes from south of St. Augustine. This area is filled with black mangrove and palm.



vanilla honEy
in stock

This honey is infused with Grade A Madagascar Vanilla beans.  Vanilla is an orchid, and the beans are the fruit it produces. Vanilla Honey pairs perfectly with fruit. 




Upcoming Pop Ups


“I wanted honey from my hometown...but I fell in love with the bees.”



Adventures in apiculture

Would your family be interested in hosting a hive with The Honey Truck Co.? If so, please let us know! We're currently looking for homes in all historic neighborhoods, as well as additional beach locations. 



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